Behavioural Models

From Modelling Finite Automata to Analysing Business Processes


5.3 Business Process Model and Notation

a) Business Process Model and Notation

Given is a BPMN collaboration process diagram describing a production process. Please transform them to a Petri net.

5.3a BPMN to Petri net.png

Fig. 5.3 a) BPMN to Petri net

b) Modelling BPMN

The following text describes the business process of a hotel that processes conference booking requests. Model the described process as BPMN process diagram.

If an organisation wants to held up a conference in this hotel, it will contact the hotel. With this the process is started and the hotel sends an information brochure and a form for filing requests to the organisation. If the company does not respond within 14 days, the process is terminated. After sending back the form, the hotel reviews the request. The hotel can now either accept the request, have further questions for the company, or decline the request. If the request is accepted, the hotel archives the form and sends an offer to the company in arbitrary sequence, after which the process terminates. If there are further questions, the hotel calls the organisation to sort them out and then continues with the same activities as with a directly accepted request. In case the request was declined, the hotel sends a polite message giving a reason why the request was not accepted.


5.3b Collapsed Pool Example.png

Fig. 5.3 b) Collapsed Pool Example