Behavioural Models

From Modelling Finite Automata to Analysing Business Processes


5.2 Introduction to Business Process Modelling

After buying an new laptop, you want to fill out and hand in a form to request reimbursement from your employer. However, you need to wait for the laptop invoice to be able to do so. What state is the activity “file reimbursement request” in during the situations below?

  1. You are currently filling out the form.
  2. You just bought the laptop and wait for the invoice.
  3. Your employer already told you that they won’t accept your request for reimbursement, so you decided to save the work and not file the request at all.
  4. You already prepared the form but have to wait for next business day to hand the form to your superior.
  5. You successfully handed in the request but are waiting for your superior’s approval.
  6. You successfully handed in the request, got an approval message and the money was already transferred.
  7. You already received the invoice, but are busy otherwise and hence did not yet start filling in the form.