Behavioural Models

From Modelling Finite Automata to Analysing Business Processes


2.2 Transtion Systems

a) Formal defintion of labelled state transiton systems

Describe which behaviour is allowed for the given labelled state transition system. Furthermore, express it by using sets.

2.2 a Labelled State Transition System

Fig. 2.2 a) Labelled State Transition System

b) Model labelled state transiton system

Model the labelled state transition system of a fan with two power levels and optional panning. It is mathematically expressed below:

2.2 b Fan

Fig. 2.2 b) Fan

S = {off, on_low_nopan, on_high_nopan, on_low_pan, on_high_pan}
Σ = {power_switch, mode_switch, pan_switch}
δ = {(off, power_switch, on_low_nopan), (on_low_nopan, power_switch, off), (on_low_nopan, mode_switch, on_high_nopan), (on_high_nopan, mode_switch, on_low_nopan), (on_low_nopan, pan_switch, on_low_pan), (on_high_nopan, pan_switch, on_high_pan), (on_high_pan, mode_switch, on_low_pan), (on_high_nopan, power_switch, off), (on_low_pan, mode_switch, on_high_pan), (on_low_pan, pan_switch, on_low_nopan), (on_high_pan, pan_switch, hign_nopan), (on_low_pan, power_switch, off), (on_high_pan, power_switch, off)}